Tax Services

Business Taxation

Our services:

  • Advising on issues related to the taxation of legal entities and legal entities (income taxes, VAT, stamp duties, etc.)
  • Real estate taxation (ENFIA, EFA, etc.)
  • Providing solutions for tax settlement and preparation of tax returns

Advising on the operations of the Accounting and optimizing the efficiency of tax procedures

Tax Compliance

Our services:

  • Monthly review of tax books to highlight issues for further processing
  • Monthly review / preparation and submission of monthly tax returns (VAT, withholding tax, stamp, etc.)
  • Overview of contracts for the determination of proper tax management of income, expenses and proper presentation in the tax files
  • Annual review / preparation and submission of an annual corporate income tax return (CIP)
  • Providing tax advice and communications with the tax administration on issues that arise during the daily accounting and tax process of the company

Intra-group transactions

Our services:

  • Preparation of documentation file.
  • Support in tax audit.
  • Pre-approval of intra-group documentation methodology.

Tax Due Dilligence

Our services:

  • Compliance review and impact analysis on income taxation.
  • Compliance review and VAT impact analysis.
  • Compliance review and analysis of consequences of other taxes and charges (real estate taxes, payroll taxes, etc.).
  • Overview of tax consequences of contracts and transactions.

Indirect taxes

The impact of indirect taxes on business should be assessed and taken seriously in decision-making.

Our services:

  • Providing advice and services of compliance with Greek VAT legislation
  • Real estate taxes
  • Stamp
  • Capital Gathering Tax
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