George Nikou is a Certified Public Accountant and co-founder of KSi Greece with more than 25 years of experience in the area of Auditing, Assurance, and Accounting in Greece.

Before the establishment of KSi Greece, he was a partner of RSM for eight years, he worked for Deloitte for seven years as a Director, and has worked briefly at Kreston.

He holds a degree in Economics from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, an MBA from the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut, and he is a member of the Chartered Accountants of Greece (Institution of Chartered Accountants of Greece - ID 21841).

He has extensive experience in the administration, management, execution of electronic services, and the provision of professional advice to a wide variety of clients in various countries.

He has extensive experience in various fields, such as in the industry sector, healthcare, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, real estate, consumer products, oil refining, and in various public sector projects (Municipalities, hospitals.).

He also has experience in “SOX” and tax audits, financial statement conversion projects based on International Financial Reporting Standards as well as a significant number of auditors.

During his auditing career at Deloitte Greece, he was responsible for auditing the largest companies in Greece and acquired extensive experience as a team manager for many listed and unlisted companies, particularly in the application of IFRS.

In his current collaboration with KSi Greece, he is responsible for the audits of many customers in Greece (including listed companies). He has also conducted various fraud investigations, helping clients track the investigation of alleged fraud against the organization.

George Nikou has significant experience in compliance issues regarding the independence of auditors and the code of conduct from his previous work experience as a Director.

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